Circuit City ran a great special. Too bad it was never available. Even when they texted to say it was.
Shopping failure 101. I could teach the class.

My heart goes out to the people in Mumbai. What the heck was the media doing reporting where people were trapped and hiding and what they saw the police doing?!? I guess they forgot that terrorists have TV too. Somebody might want to remind them.

DD’s off to Dallas with a friend. Strange that she can live six hours away, and I don’t get too worried about the drive but Dallas scares me to death.

I love Fictionwise! 

Updated to add: I STILL love Fictionwise, and in the end, I ruled Black Friday. Circuit City gave us the online only deal. We’ve got our TV. Or we will on Wednesday. Woo Hoo! AND while we were there, we learned that Apple TV will let us play our Netflix movies right on the TV without waiting for them to come in the mail. We’ve been looking at the Apple TV for a while, but then we saw the XBox 360 and Roku Netflix movie player would let us watch Netflix right away. Now we can get the Apple TV for instant viewing. YAY!

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