eBook hell. Waaahhhh!

I was so excited when I purchased a Nocturne Bite, a Harlequin Undone and two other books from the eHarlequin eBook store. After all, I’ve read several eBooks on my iPod Touch using Stanza.Visions of books, books and more books without the piles, piles and more piles filled my head.

My first experience was positive. The eHarleuqin customer care team helped me when I thought the problem of disappearing books was my technical inexperience. I loaded the earlier version of Adobe Reader, and re-downloaded the books.

The opened beautifully. On my computer.

I don’t want to read the books on my computer. I don’t like reading books on my computer. That’s why I was so excited about Stanza and my iPod.

But I can’t open the books on Stanza because of this nifty little nightmare called Adobe Digital Editions. It’s a DRM protector (or something like that) for books. I understand the need to protect digital books. A couple years ago I downloaded a book to my computer to read and to use it, I had to enter my Adobe password. Makes sense. But this doesn’t make sense at all. When we buy books, we should be able to read said books on our registered devices, at least on one or two of them outside of our computers. If they need our Adobe passwords, that’s cool. I have to supply my iTunes password when I listen to my iTunes music on a computer other than mine. It should work the same way.

For now it doesn’t.

I’m not sure how this will end. I have a question into the awesome customer service team right now. I sure hope it turns out that I’ll be able to read the books on my iPod. Until I can, I won’t be buying eBooks from Harlequin. That makes me sad–especially with Bites and Undones. Cry

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