The Newsroom

He’s the kid everyone loves, even though his pants are
always hanging around his hips showing off the latest in designer boxers.

He holds the spirit flag and stands at the front of the
games, sings in choir and takes photos for yearbook and newspaper.

Today, he wanted to Hula Hoop. His goal was to do so for an
entire class period. He’d swap me the time later in the day during one of his
early releases.

Around the room yearbook students looked for their “missing”
layouts and newspaper students started work on their stories. The business
manager started the deposit using the new receipt number system we learned
yesterday. Two students came in and bought yearbooks. Two photographers
uploaded photos to the server and to the cool new ClassScene interactive yearbook
program we’re using.

And all the while, the district’s curriculum coordinator sat
observing from the sidelines.

When Ryan, the boy with the Hula Hoop, first asked about
swapping time, I almost said no. But then I decided the curriculum coordinator
was in the newsroom, she needed to see the newsroom as it really is. The Hula
Hoop stayed. (Ryan Hula’d for 55 minutes. A record.) At the same time two
students worked on a Salvia story, one on Netflix for Christmas, one on a news
story about a kid who got arrested for selling methadone on campus, another on
prescription drug addiction, another on the dismal book selling season, another
on a feature about a kid on probation whose life has changed because of art,
and the last on a story about the state board looking into how evolution should
be taught in the classroom. The business manager made an almost $1000 deposit
and entered a book of names into our yearbook tracker, AND the lost yearbook
layout was found (rejoicing all around!). All this took place while Ryan Hula
Hoop’d and while the sports editor stopped by to visit.

This is the newsroom. It’s the newsroom every class period
of every day.

I wouldn’t change it.

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