Read and Writing

An e-book company gave away books on Halloween, and I was so excited because free books are free books, but then I realized today they end right before the point where it looks like all hope is lost. They just gave away teasers. Mean. But smart, too.

Writing has been pretty strange for me the last few monsths. Strange in that for the first time in a decade,I haven’t been doing much of it. At first it didn’t bother me not to write. I was a mess from the broken ankle, and DD was getting ready to go away to school, and I had a million books to read.

For the past week, though, something’s changed. It started Monday when I had a dream that was a complete plot beginning to end. I woke up stunned but pretty sure I must’ve read the book sometime in the past and it just played out movie form in my dreams. Very strange. Since then ideas have been hitting me left and right. Still I turn on the computer and do something other than write the ideas down. The ideas are there, but I’m not telling the stories. I don’t know why. It’s like I’ve taken so much time off, I’m afraid to even make the attempt.

So I’m just going to do it. The fear can be there. I don’t care. I’m going to write for me.

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