Daily Archives: October 28, 2008

San Antonio

I have no photos. Forgot to take my camera out. Two of my students didn’t. They looked out their ninth story windows, saw the ashtrays outside them and decided, oh look, cool photos. Then they CLIMBED OUT THEIR WINDOWS and stood in the ashtrays with their cameras taking "cool photos, Mrs. Lee." I found out when the director of the conference stopped me from judging yearbook copy so I could talk with the hotel manager and security.
Needless to say those two did not enjoy their Saturday evening in San Antonio.
Sunday DH and I met Mary and her DH for dinner at Casa Rio. This was the first time I’ve met Mary’s DH. Very cool guy. Seeing Mary again was great, too! (Hi Mary!!!) DH drove down Saturday and stayed through Sunday so I could walk around the Riverwalk. No way could I have done it without him! He’s definitely in the running for DH of the year awards!!!
Monday we heard the keynote by Pulitzer Prize winner, Jim Sheeler. Once again I heard how important it was for reporters to remember their humanity and use it while working.
If you haven’t seen his Final Salute series, you really should. Find it here. It’s amazing beyond belief. Don’t forget the Kleenex. You’ll need it.
After Sheeler spoke, the awards were distributed. Two photographers and my editorial writer won awards. The paper and yearbook both won second place Best in Show out of the papers and books there for schools our size. YAY!
The trip home was much better than the FOREVER trip down. The bus ran faster, thank GOD!