Paris was amazing beyond belief. I took four years of French in high school and three and a half in college. Paris has been on my must-do list for over half my life. When we walked out of the train station onto the Paris streets, I almost started crying.
The Eiffel tower was as beautiful as I’d always imaged. The Louvre and Notre Dame took my breath away. Versailles was indescribable. I wanted to stay longer! I’ll definitely go back to Paris one day, but I think I’d like to go back without students. 🙂
If you get a chance to visit, you MUST have a few crepes. And the wine is to die for. So is the cafe au lait (YUM!). But beware: you don’t want to sit down in a restaurant to eat. It costs more.

Me, DD, MIL (and yes, I do have a traffic light coming out of my head!)

Me with the other two teachers who led groups. We’re on the second tier of the Eiffel Tower.

Me with the Tower at night.

I don’t remember if this is the Louvre or the place they kept Marie Antoinette or something else, but it was in Paris, and it was outside my window and I got all excited and pointed, and made a bunch of ooh, ooh, ooh noises. (The real reason DD spent very little time with me on the trip. She didn’t want to look like a tourist, and I totally embraced the tourist persona!)

The Arch de Triumph. Cool, cool cool! People can actually walk up to it! We just went by on a bus. DD and a group of girls went out with a mom on Music Night and got to see it up close and personal. I’m sooooo jealous. I HAVE to go back!!!!

Versailles. It’s a sucky picture. Doesn’t come close to the opulence of the place, but I was there, and it was beautiful, and I want to go back.

From the Louvre. One of the most touching sculptures I’ve ever seen. I saw this and thought what a PERFECT representation of love.

Notre Dame. I cried like a baby the whole time I was in the church. It felt sacred (unlike Pisa). THankfully MIL was with me, and she carries Kleenex.

Picture of Josephine from the Louvre. I’d forgotten how gorgeous she was!

Me with the sculpture of Artemis. My friend Kim and I walked the Louvre together, and I loved this sculpture, but we both got a laugh out of me getting picture with this goddess. She’s so athletic. So sure on her feet. And I’m such a klutz. That’s what I was thinking when Kim took this picture. I think I even said something about it. Little did I know what was in my very near future!

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