Our trip this summer through London. Paris, Florence and Rome was amazing beyond belief. The one place we didn’t get enough of was London. We started at Trafalgar Square. 
For some reason our tour bus got lost or broke down or something, so we ended up on this hike through the streets in search of the bus.
But because of that we got to see a real London protest and the Australia House otherwise known as Gringott’s Bank in Harry Potter.

My MIL and I road the Eye

Then we got lost in the Underground trying to get to Picadilly Circus. Our guide said go to the statue in the center of the square. We came out of the Tube station exit for PC and went the wrong direction.
In London we saw Wicked, which was AMAZING! I desperately want to go back to London. We didn’t get enough. Everything there was so cool.
Strangely enough I barely saw DD on this trip. She spent most of her time with her bff, Loren.

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