Daily Archives: October 6, 2008

I was feeling so great…

I walked on the treadmill today in PT and sort of did the stairmaster. My therapist said he’s sure I’ll be released at -y next evaluation on the 15th. I handed out over half the student photos and IDs to my fantastic 1800 student campus. I taught two classes standing up AND I danced in another. I didn’t even use my cane unless I was in the hall. I got ready for a class I’m teaching tomorrow at a different school. I FINALLY made it back to WW where I discovered I’ve lost nine pounds for a total of 22. I finalized plans for the 2010 Rome to Athens trip. I mean, honestly, I rocked today. Until half way through WW, I looked at a fellow teacher sitting next to me and said, were grades supposed to be finalized today?
I forgot to finalize my students’ grades. For the first time in my life, I forgot grades. I posted them, so the kids know what they have, but they’re not going to print on their report cards.
On the bright side, it’s not as bad as a broken ankle.