Warning: Rambling post ahead. 🙂

I watched Terms of Endearment and Beaches for the first time this week, and I have to say, they are two of the BEST MOVIES EVA’. I’ll definitely be adding them to my buy list. Right now when I need a good cry, I watch Steel Magnolias and Hope Floats. These will fit right in that mix.

DD’s school is closed for the reast of the week. Thank GOD she came home. Unfortunately, she didn’t unplug stuff before she left. She didn’t think about power outages. When she gets back, her room is going to be a mess. This hurricane business is quite a bit different from tornado season around here! She’s decided she loves school (freedom) and thinks I’m a control freak (true). Hopefully those two things will help inspire good grades and success at the university level! 🙂

I volunteered to help tutor some kids if needed. I decided if I was going to go around talking about all the things we could do to help at risk kids, I better be willing to DO.

Speaking of doing, I’m planning another London trip. Hopefully it makes. It’s for this summer. 4 full days London, 2 Paris. Two travel days. I had such a great time with the kids this year, I decided to do it again. Summer 2010 I’m planning Rome (Yes, I’m really going back!) and Athens. I LOVE Europe. I hope the trips make. The doctor said I’ll be up to a walking tour this summer, no problem. I hope he’s right!!!

Jules on e-Harlequin’s subcare sold to Avon. It’s a two-book paranormal deal. Woo hoo!!! Margot Early’s next two books aren’t Supers. One’s an American, the other’s SSE. If I hadn’t gone to Amazon, I would’ve missed the American. I’d probably see the SSE because I autobuy Karen Templeton and RaeAnn Thayne.

Finally, I really, really, really want a Kindle. I’m trying to convince DH it’s exactly what I need. But I have the iPod Touch from last Christmas that I love but never use for the calendar which was the whole reason for the expense. We were torn between getting a Blackberry or getting the Touch, chose the Touch, and all I do is listen to music, books, and Podcasts and watch some TV shows and movies. I could’ve done that with my old iPod.


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