Daily Archives: September 1, 2008

Back to school

DD came home for the holiday, and for a while, it looked like for hurricane evacuation, too. I’m so glad Gustav wasn’t as awful as they feared, but dang it stinks that DD had to go back to school. Actually, this time was better. One, I’m not with her. Two, she was able to get everything she realized she left behind, and we bth realize the trek across the state of Texas is no easy journey. Three, we got to have a serious money management talk, and then she got to go home. Or back to school. She said it was wierd because she didn’t feel like her college town was home yet, but she didn’t feel like Wichita Falls was home now, either.
It’s time for me to get busy reclaiming my life. This ankle injury put everything on hold. And whileliving on hold might have been an essential part of my recovery, it’s just not my style. Now, I’m not going backto fast forward (hear that, God? I PROMISE), but it’s time to push the play button.
My Molly entry has proven to be invaluable. The manuscript critiques I got were AMAZING! I need to write my thank you notes!