WHat do you get when…

you cross a severely ADHD journalism adviser with a broken ankle, a wheel chair and an ugly black boot?
A depressed journalism adviser by the end of the day.
I HATE teaching from a chair. I don’t think I’ve ever taught like this. Once a long time ago when I firt started teaching, my feet had this weird thing where they started hurting all the time and my toes quit feeling, and the doctor said I could only be on my feet four hours a day. The four hours I spent on my feet were in the classroom.
In education classes I learned I’m a kinesthetic learner. You can show me something or read me something a million times but until I DO it, I’m lost. I teach best to kinesthetic learners. I need to go to training to learn how to teach to all different learning types.
The end of the first day left me happy though. My newspaper editors came in and discussed how they’d like to do grades, and then the editor said he’d make up a point sheet to show me what he’s talking about. I’m not a math person, but together, I know we can make this work, and I’m totally thrilled THEY came up with the idea. They’re excited about the year, and so am I.
THEN one of my yearbook editors and I talked, and he’s running the classroom tomorrow morning while I go to Physical Therapy.
You know, I hear a lot these days about teenagers being slugs and jerks and selfish and rude. But people who say that don’t know the kids I know. They’re awesome. And because of them, this severely ADHD journalism adviser with a broken ankle, a wheel chair and an ugly black boot is going to have an amazing year!
Thank God I’m back in the classroom!


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