Daily Archives: August 9, 2008


The coolest opening ceremonies ever.
That’s the positive.
Negative: WHERE and HOW can we find when the sports we want to watch are on. I tried to figure out the schedule on NBC, but no luck. Same thing with the cable guide. This morning I watched weightlifting on MSNBC, and when I turned the channel to NBC, I’d missed the fencing finals. I wanted to watch the fencing finals, in large part because the US was supposed to win, but I was captivated by the finals of women’s weight lifting.  When the Turkish girl realized she’d medaled, she started crying. It was amazing. Then the Chinese girl won the gold and the crowd went wild. It was awesome. But I still missed the fencing finals, and that makes me a tad unhappy. As unhappy as I’m going to be if I miss the equestrian events because I can’t figure out when they’re on. If it stays this messed up by the time we get to gymnastics, rhythmic gym, diving, swimming and synchronized swimming, I’m going to be one unhappy Olympics watching camper.