Daily Archives: August 6, 2008


I graduated to writing the ABCs with my foot today. Who knew the ankle could move so little? I’m having fun with this new therapy. I can write I hate Italian public hospitals and I’m sorry Gladiator Ghosts and I should be writing. I also graduated to a walker. I can’t describe how ridiculous I look walking through my house with it, but it’s a million times better than crutches or the wheelchair. My dang cat thinks it’s a game. I hope I don’t hurt her because while it’s a game for her, I wasn’t graceful before the walker and now I’m even worse. Smooshed Sprinkles would make me a sad mom. Worse than how sad I was when DD went college dorm shopping with her Mema instead of with me. They were out five hours and hit tons of stores. DD said it was the most shopping she’d ever done. It’s true. Shopping =hell in my world, but I’m still sad I wasn’t there.
Yesterday I looked down at my leg and a deathly fear hit me. My calf was missing. My leg was deformed. The “re-surgery” hadn’t worked. Then I realized my calf was there, it just was completely flat now. No muscle tone at all. Eventually that’s going to hurt.