Daily Archives: August 4, 2008

Another day…

So last night I decided it was time to take a wedge out of the boot. For two hours I felt a little like Wonder Woman minus the gold bracelets and lasso. Until I noticed my foot was the color of grape jelly and about twice its usual size. UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!. And I thought I’d quit taking my painkiller. Ahahahahahaha. I swear this is a never-ending recovery.

I finished watching Gilmore Girls this weekend. I realize the show’s been done for a year, but I just saw season 7, and I spent all Friday evening CRYING because in three weeks, DD is going to college and I’m so proud and excited and happy for her and so dang sad for me. For 15 years she’s been with me in the newsroom. The last four, she helped me set up the room, and get things going. When she was having a bad day because of girl stuff or a test or boys or best friends turned enemies turned friends, she could come to the newsroom and get a hug and go on about her business. And when I was having a bad day because of lessons gone bad or parent conferences or unbelievable apathy from unexpected sources, I could depend on her being there to give me a hug, and then I’d be better. But this year, we’re on our own. WAAAH! It wasn’t easy wearing the mom/adviser hats all at one time, but I’m going to miss it.

Sharon Sala’s The Healer is still stuck in my mind. I think it’s moved to my favorite book of the year.

I can’t wait to see my students and hear their thoughts on Breaking Dawn. I need to pick it up today when I go to Wal-Mart. Yes, my foot is still swollen, but in the boot, you can’t see it. Out of sight, out of mind. I’m getting out of the house, and I’m not complaining. Not for any reason. Not even if we get in the check out lane with the silver haired checker who instead of tossing purchases in the plastic bags, picks them up, turns them over and slowly places them in the sack with a story about the time her grandmother’s sister bought that brand of Jell-O and had an allergic reaction that sent her to the hospital. I might even go to her lane on purpose.
If you happen to be at the Wichita Falls Wal-Mart around the corner from my house today and you see me, say hi, but be careful. I figure I’ll be driving one of those cool motorized carts today. Could be a real interesting trip.