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Kurt Cobain: About a Son

Nirvana hit the big time at a time in my life I didn’t really listen to the radio much. Still I knew who they were. I remember listening to their songs and wondering where the words came from. How they “gelled” to make such powerful music.
In the end, Cobain became a great Don’t Do Drugs message. After watching the documentary Kurt Cobain: About a Son, I see so much more about the man he was.
The documentary is truly an amazing, intimate, devastating look at the artist Kurt Cobain. Even if you weren’t a Nirvana fan, you’ll enjoy this film.
It’s on the free Sundance In Demand channel on Time Warner Cable right now.

She did it!

Graduation is over and 1/3 of the senior class is out at Safe Senior Night. DH and I pulled the 11-2:30 shift. I ran the kareoke room and he dealt black jack in the casino room. The kids are out for another five hours.
And now I’m sitting at home trying not to cry. 🙂

(Katie with Mrs. Scheller. One of the teachers who’s known her since she was four and one of my good friends. Neither was very happy when I said let me take your picture. This started the whole day))

(Katie and Mason, one of her classmates since junior high)

Katie and me. 🙂

Yearbook girls w/ Katie in the middle
The after party. Katie and Mattie Jo.
Katie and Papa
Katie and DH
Katie w/ Gommy proving yes, indeed, she’s all grown up. 🙂