Daily Archives: June 10, 2008


Did I lose TWO pairs of glasses when I haven’t been home all that often in the last week?
I had both and now they’re gone.
Thankfully I wear them for eye strain and not because I can’t see without them.

Before DD goes to school in August, she has to read Affluenza, a book about the dangers of our consumerism society. At orientation the dean suggested parents read the book, too. Several first year assignments will come directly from the reading. Sounds interesting. I can’t believe how much college has changed. My freshman year Party 101 was a standard extra-curricular course. If you were caught, you got a smack on the wrist coupled with a nudge, nudge, wink, wink and off you went. No more. Today’s underage students are put on notice. Party and get caught? The consequences are severe. Counseling to expulsion depending on the type of partying taking place. Granted, my freshman year was 21 years ago and the drinking age had only shifted to 21 two years before. Don’t drink and drive was a relatively new concept. In fact several of my friends were caught drinking and driving, and the police who stopped them just handed back their keys and said get home safely.
Another change: Dorms. Back when I was in school a dorm was fun but not exactly comfortable. The rooms were tiny and the bathrooms for the entire floor were in one location. DD’s dorm has suite style bathrooms. If she gets upgraded, she’ll have a kitchenette and living area IN HER DORM room. Crazy.
Then there’s the gym. It puts the Y to shame. And when we toured, the place was packed.

Except for our 10 days in Europe, we’re making DD live off her own money this summer. Clothes, gas, makeup, movies, incidentals…if she wants it, she uses work money to buy it. I know a lot of people make their kids learn this lesson early on, but dd worked on yearbook and newspaper all the time she was in high school, so I didn’t. Now she has three months to learn how to live like a broke college kid. ACK!