Daily Archives: June 4, 2008


Summer is so liberating, but all this time often makes it more difficult to actually focus.
I have four books out in the cosmos right now. Two in contests (one done, one not), one with an agent, one with an editor. PLUS I have two new ideas brewing. With so many different directions to choose from, it would be easy to sit in the middle looking all around and not get anything done, especially with the big Europe trip coming up. But if I do that, I won’t get anything done because my July is packed with advising duties, so I have to choose.
I love the emotional intensity and creative freedom in my women’s fiction. The new one is a little Steel Magnolias, Gilmore Girls. Eileen Goudge-y with an inspirational slant. I love the emotional intensity and I like the idea of writing books that don’t put God in a box, books that say God is much more about LOVE and redemption than thou shall not, anger and hellfire and brimstone. But this book scares the crap out of me. It’s BIG. It’s intense. It’s draining.
My YA makes me laugh and readers laugh too. It’s fun to create a story that embraces its campiness. 🙂 My heroine’s all time favorite character is Daria. She thinks cheerleaders are devil’s spawn. Her mother advises publications at a high school. For all its camp, and even with the paranormal aspect, the protagonist is real. I think I do a good job making the YA world come to life since I spend so much time there during the school year. 🙂 Plus, the story reminds me of early Buffy and I LOVE Buffy.
My new category want to be could spin into the ST side of things. In my mind it’s more SSE or Super, but right now I haven’t given it enough writing time to gel. The conflict is superficial and I really only have one scene in mind, BUT this is the story I dreamed about.
Now I have to decide.