When you were three, I graduated from MSU. That night I was so sick. The next day Daddy (back then you called him Brian) carried me into the doctor’s office and we found out I had strep. You wore a pink dress and somewhere there’s a great picture of you laughing at me and me looking into the camera like I’m about to die.
You were in the 4-year-old class because you talked so much better than everyone else.
Your MOST favorite show ever was Barney, and back then Sandy Duncan was the mom. Your invisible friends were Andrew and Amy. You played with them every day in the bathtub and insisted I give them soap too.
Your favorite vacation location was Las Vegas. You cried when we had to leave to go to Disneyland. Your favorite book was Mama, Do You Love Me?, and I had to read it to you ALL THE TIME!!!
You “bingabunged” with Mema’s champagne glasses. Not real sure what that meant, but MAN, you loved to bounce around the house saying it.
Bounce. It’s how you lived the first several years of life. In fact, until the last two years you had two speeds, fast forward and FASTER forward. 🙂
It’s funny now, looking forward, thinking about you leaving my room as a student of WFISD for the last time in THREE days. I’m so excited for you. So thrilled because I know you’re starting on the path that will determine the rest of your life. You already know God’s given you a natural gift with photography, but what more will you learn? Next year you’ll take FIVE art classes. You’ve never even taken one, but you’ve always expressed yourself in such unique ways, I think your decision to be an art major is natural.
I’m proud of you, Katie. I hope when the choir sings Beautiful Savior you’ll listen to the words. They’re real. You never will walk alone.

Katie (3) at Huntington Beach

Katie (3) at Disney in flight jacket Johnny and Daddy bought

Katie (3) Bingabunge

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