We get them tomorrow.  This is the first year I didn’t get a preview copy, and it’s killing me ESPECIALLY in light of the McKinney yearbook news.

Ordered DD’s computer for college tonight. It’s killing me. I’m not ready for her to be done with school. Of course, if she doesn’t finish the one hour of off campus PE she has left, she won’t graduate.  I hope she takes care of that because we’re supposed to go to orientation in three weeks. It’s HARD to be hands off, but she’s 18. This has to be hers.
That’s probably the most difficult part of motherhood. I’ve been 18, I lived that life, made the mistakes, had the fun and the heartache. Now, I’ve got to let her go, let her live, let her fall and fail and succeed and fly. I don’t get to keep her that five-year-old baby girl standing in line at Six Flags with my students during my first newspaper camp. (I’ll post that picture tomorrow.)

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