I tried to stay away…

But I couldn’t do it. Over the last couple weeks, I’ve found myself thinking that would be a good blog topic about a million times!
Our RRRW speaker this month was the fabulous Geralyn Dawson and she spoke about making sure you know why you’re writing AND not letting the business destroy you.
I entered a contest with my YA. I love this story. I started working on another contest entry, my inspirational. And I’ve got to get my new RS ready to go too. I’ve seen several of my former students. The paper came out and I completely missed a story somehow. (I think it’s because I’m basically doing the equivalent of coaching two year-long varsity sports at the same time, BUT I still should’ve caught it. )The yearbooks are almost here. I decided attitude is completely a choice, and I can choose to be happy or not, but it’s my choice. I love my job, and it’s my responsibility to keep my joy in that job, and if I’m doing something that’s taking away that joy, I need to change my course of action. I ALMOST volunteered to help with something on campus but stopped myself right before I hit the send button because the thing I was willing to help with has NOTHING to do with my program, so I engaged in some positive self-talk and realized that in giving up the site based team, I’m feeling at a loss for how to be a leader on my campus and give back, and then I came up with a plan that incorporates my program, my goals, my kids and our campus. I decided once again I don’t want to be a principal and that teachers by and large like to gripe but for the most part, we love our jobs. I learned BLAME is easy but ownership is hard. I learned the financial aid process for college is completely confusing and exciting. I learned dd STILL has no real concept of $$$ (ACK!!!!!). I learned I AM jealous of my friends when they sell, but I’m equally thrilled. I learned I’m still susceptible  (I love that word) to rejection blues. I decided I need an agent. I learned I’m still a total TV addict, and every group of seniors inspires me to be a better teacher, and when I fail, I take it personally. I learned I’m a gossip if put in the position to be one, so I need to stay out of those positions. I learned yearbook sales are down nationwide, which is strange because the book is the only thing that will last forever. I learned I can’t listen to North American book and then pick up a paperback and read the next day, but I have no problem at all listening to an Irish book and picking up a paperback the same day (very strange). I learned a lot more, but that covers it for now! 🙂

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