Are you watching Eli Stone?

Eli Stone is a breath of fresh air in TV land. It’s quirky, fun and exciting. It reminds me of Ally McBeal.
Lost is still amazing. This week ended with “now you know the six” but I wonder if there will be more.  Every time I watch the show I’m in awe of the writers.
I’m still totally addicted to America’s Next Top Model. The DVR didn’t record three weeks in a row because of EMS testing. Ugh. No new until April 24. Noooooooo!!!!!
Canterbury’s Law is great, but Fox’s online media player sucks. Nowhere near as good as ABC’s. The character’s background story is strong. Not as surprising as the background in Saving Grace, but still interesting.
Big Brother is boring. I watch it on DVR and fast forward through most of it. The couples idea didn’t work at all.
Survivor: I can’t believe this but I haven’t watched ANY of this season. I don’t know why. We haven’t even DVR’d it.
Law and Order, the original L&O not SVU or CI, is back to being as fabulous as it was in the olden days. The new DAs rock. I’m not sure about the other two in the series franchise because I don’t watch them all the time.

I miss hockey. Now that it’s playoff season I’d love to watch more, but I can never find it on TV. We went to a GREAT game this week. The Stars marketing people have totally screwed up the opening. Hockey is heavy metal, rock and roll, edgy. The new start is some soft sweet bubble gun poppy photo power point of the players. Instead of hockey players they look like they’re going to start ice dancing at any moment. Now I have nothing against ice dancing. In fact, I like ice dancing just fine. But it’s not hockey.
Honestly though, it’s probably better hockey’s not on TV. I watch entirely too much!

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