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First: check this out. Saw it on cnn:
I’ve RSS’d it.

Motherhood part 2010

So she wants to go to college. Not any of the local schools but tis amazingly beautiful school in Huntsville, TX. There are 11 prisons in Huntsville. Yes, 11.
I want her to go to the beautiful school in Huntsville. But DANG it’s expensive.
So we’ve started down the wonderful road called student financial aid. And being the broke mom I am, I did my taxes last night so we can get the FAFSA done and maybe, (GOD PLEASE) just maybe dd will get some aid AND for the first time in my life I OWE taxes.
DD’s supposed to be filling out scholarship applications, but she’s reading Dirty Little Liars (it’s not as bad as it sounds, Mom.I promise. But hey, you let me read Lace when I was her age and it WAS that bad!) instead.