Daily Archives: February 20, 2008

100,000 Book Challenge

Taller than a 10,000 book TBR pile…, it’s the eHarlequin.com 100,000 Book Challenge!

Once again, eHarlequin.com challenges you to new reading heights. IF we can read 100,000 books in total, we can beat our 2007 record and read a mind-boggling, and unprecedented 100,000 books! But the great news this year is that for every book we read, we’ll be donating a book to the National Center for Family Literacy to benefit their literacy programs. The stated mission of the NCFL is to create a literate nation by leveraging the power of the family. Since its inception in 1989, more than one million families throughout the country have made positive educational and economic gains as a result of NCFL’s work, which includes training more than 150,000 teachers and thousands of volunteers.

So…don’t just sit there…READ SOMETHING!!

If you enjoy reading, check out the challenge: eharlequin.com
I’m posting my book reviews on my blog there instead of here.