Daily Archives: February 17, 2008

Data: education style

The past two weeks I’ve heard “if you have an opinion with no numbers to support it, you’re just another person wasting our time,” so many times it’s starting to sink in.
It’s test time in Texas so teachers are data crazy. But you know, if that data isn’t compared to other data and used to help struggling students, what’s the point?
I mean looking at past performance of a student is all fine and good, but if looking at that past is done without developing a plan to make the future better isn’t it just number crunching for no purpose?
when are teachers supposed to come up with those plans? Right now my school has said teachers are to come up with those plans on their own time, after school. Most of the teachers in my building leave around five. They have families and lives and they’re supposed to add this to their plates? Ugh.
Whatever it Takes is what we keep hearing, but in that book, the principals and superintendents writing say you MUST make the time during the school day for teacher collaboration and student interventions. If that time is not made, it cannot be done successfully.
I sure hope high school administrators start understanding this very basic premise. If they don’t, all this knowledge, all this data we have that shows collaboration among teachers is key to student success, is just a bunch of numbers.

I LOVE my new book. It’s so scary.