I have three strong chapters, a detailed synopsis and a complete draft of my psychic book done.
Now to figure out if I should keep working on it or move on to a new book.
On the one hand, I have two completes out right now, so I should probably wait to send this partial in.
On the other, hey, those editors could take forever and Intrigue gets back on partials within 3 months. I should go ahead and send this to them. But editors for all H/s lines can acquire for all H/S lines, so sending in a manuscript to another editor would be a bad thing IF the other two sell or even if one of them does.
Then there’s the whole time issue.
Finishing the revisions on a story that might not grab her attention could be a bad thing,
And I could be working on something new.
BUT as I flesh out this draft, who knows how it will change?
I know they only buy complete books.
But should I try to complete a book they might turn down?
But I learn so much when I write the book.
But I’m obviously missing some big points in all this editorless learning I’m doing since I’ve earned a heck of a lot of rejections for a million different reasons.
I felt so great about this project last night.
HOW did it change so fast?
I think I’m bi-polar about my writing. 🙂
Yesterday I sent my friend an e-mail saying this one is going to sell.
Today I still love the book, but I have no idea what to do with it.
Maybe I’ll send it to agents. 🙂
But (Hey, I’m getting used to that word!) it’s category. I don’t need an agent for category and good luck getting one without a contract.
But if I got an agent, maybe then I’d have a direction.
Only shouldn’t I have a direction anyway?

So I’m right back to the beginning. A long time ago an editor told me my plot was eliptical. Since that time I;ve worked to correct that problem. Obviously though, my mind works in circles.
Man, when I first started writing a million and twelve years ago, I would’ve just sent the book in. I wouldn’t know anything about editors and acquiring. Heck, my first synopsis was a playbill and when the editor requested the full she just asked for a real synopsis. I didn’t think about anything. I just sent the book in.

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