I don’t know why I even try…

Me vs. the kitchen part 2038.7

So the other night I was exhausted, grumpy and cold and we had nothing in the house to cook for supper except macaroni, Velveeta, hamburger meat and a ton of canned veggies.
I have no idea why, but the ingredients reminded me of the olden days of first apartments when those ingredients added up to the scrumptious meal of cheeseburger macaroni. A sort of homemade Hamburger Helper we ate all the time when we were broke and enjoying every minute of  our first tastes of freedom.
So I threw it all together, heated up some corn and green beans and prepared to dig in to…
the worst meal I’ve made in years. Ugh. It was so gross.
It was like cheese flavored paste with nasty nuggets of ground beef thrown in for flavor.

Tonight’s chili. Chili I can do.

Great news, we are off the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. Today some commentors to the local paper’s online edition said teachers needed to quit whining. Sometimes, I have to agree. We are a whiny bunch!
Today my friend and I spent about an hour brainstorming ways to make next year’s credit requirements work within the framework of our school day. No griping, only solutions allowed. It was invigorating. Suddenly a week’s worth of waah, waah, waah was replaced with we can do this. It’s just like in a book. You know when you’re writing and you suddenly have no idea where your characters are going next. They can’t move forward. So you step back a scene and let the characters turn right instead of left and suddenly it’s all better? Yep. Same thing. We just needed to look right instead of left. 

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