Daily Archives: January 8, 2008

In the Mail

The second requested full is in the mail. Woo Hoo! The line at the post office was incredibly long for some reason. Psychic book as soon as I’m done reading Karen Templeton’s new SSE. (it’s sooooo good!)

I’m making my newspaper kids do a basic newspaper design course right now and they’re HATING every minute of it. The thing is, my editor had to redesign 9 of the last issue’s 16 pages because the designers didn’t use columns when they laid out the pages. It was a disaster.  I realized somehow in encouraging the use of exciting new design trends and strong writing, I’ve failed to teach the building blocks. It would be like deciding to write a novel without an understanding of how sentences work. ACK!
So they’re bored, and they hate me, but that’s okay. It’ll be good for the paper in the long run.

Saw today that Catherine Coulter has a deal for a new historical. Back in my Julie Garwood, Johanna Lindsey days, Catherine Coulter was also an auto-buy. I haven’t read the new Garwood historical yet. I planned on an Amazon day sometime this month, but I bought german chocolate, creme brulee and pumpkin spice coffee from Gevlia instead in an impulse purchase. All my play money spent on coffee. WHAT was I thinking?!? It was the German chocolate thing. I saw it and my eyes just about popped out of my head.

Day 2 at the Y and my feet are KILLING me.