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Traveling with students

So you would think that the school district that now insists we pay for hotel rooms with school district credit cards would make ABSOLUTELY sure the credit card had an available balance to cover the cost of the rooms!

At 11:45 p.m. after I’d checked on 9 rooms of kids and made sure they were all where they were supposed to be, the front desk called me. I can’t begin to explain the horrors that crossed my mind. Sex, drugs and rock N roll all played key roles. I saw myself calling parents to come pick up students. I’ve done that before and it’s no fun.
Thankfully, the kids were all still in bed. But our school district credit card was denied.
Getting the card requires leaving campus during the school day to sign it out and doing the same to sign it back in. It’s a pain in the neck and takes about an hour to do. And now, we have to worry about it even working?!?
If I’d had the superintendent’s phone number, I would’ve called him. Instead another teacher put the expense on her personal card.

A winter storm is moving in. I hope we don’t have a weather day. If we do, yearbook is in trouble!


Life is all about choices.
We choose to be happy or miserable. We choose to make our own fun or wait around on the off chance fun will find us.
We choose to say Today is going to be an awesome day. OR man, this sucks. Let me back in bed.
I choose to live by these words. To embrace life and all it has to offer. And when I think things stink, I’m just going to remember the alternative. Each day is what I make it.

When you read your own work

I finished reading my story last night. Lots of great stuff. I LOVE the suspense plot. Still not so happy with the romance. I think part of that is I know the character conflicts but I didn’t get them on the page. So now the real work starts. 🙂
I do think giving this some rest time has been good. I’d gone through it before and not seen the problems, but I’d done the pass within a week or two of finishing the story originally. I definitely need to give the manuscript more breathing time before doing revisions.
Several years ago I read an awesome article bout giving the manuscript time before revisions/edits and an edit check list. I don’t remember who the author was, but she wrote suspense. I need to find that article!

The Golden Compass

I haven’t read the book. But my kids are doing a book review and commentary on all the controversy in the paper this month.
One of my editors accused the paper of being liberal because we’ve covered teen pregnancy and this book and drug testing.
I spend a lot of time covering the first amendment with my kids. I never thought of the first amendment as liberal.
The review is written by two Christian students. (I suppose the problem might have come along when I said if the author said he wanted to do away with God, he wasn’t strictly speaking Christianity since most practicing religious students on our campus share the same God.) Basically the girls stake the stand that the book is amazing and everyone should read it regardless of beliefs because it’s being talked about so much right now with the movie and that you can’t have any kind of legitimate discussion about the controversy without reading the book. Makes sense to me. Our audience is 14-18-yr-old kids. If a book changes their core beliefs about God, their relationship with God isn’t all that strong.
Of course, I’ve never seen a book do that. In fact, I’ve only seen the opposite. See, teenagers are pretty smart. When they read something they disagree with, they’re pretty darn good at defending their beliefs. And in defending their beliefs, they actually become stronger. Amazingly enough by hearing other view points, they grow as people.
The book is on my TBR.
I hope students take our review to heart and read it too.

Revising still

So I printed off the whole book and started reading through the entire thing without really touching it just to see what needs work AND discovered I LOVE my suspense plot but my romance sucks. Argh. You know, when I wrote this thing, I thought it was brilliant. 🙂
I graduate from citizen’s police academy tomorrow, so I won’t get to write much at all. But that’s okay. I’m making notes, and I’ll go to bed late tonight so I can work on this book that’s driving me crazy because the characters are great and the plot is cool but I’ve written it poorly. I need to work on my heroine’s “voice” too. She’s supposed to be like Lorelai Gilmore, turned her back on the wealth of her past and built her own life. But she’s wimpy in this story until the half-way point.


I hereby swear I will NOT put myself in a bad mood thinking about school politics over my weekend  EVER AGAIN.
Today I’m one of the hostesses for a baby shower. The girl who’s having the shower was my student teacher a few years back and she’s absolutely amazing. Our school district has a sick leave pool, but they won’t let it count toward maternity leave, so if you miss more days than you have saved up sick time for, you end up OWING the district money. They say the reason maternity leave doesn’t count toward the sick leave pool is because people choose to have babies during the school year. The girl who’s shower I’ll be at today tried several times to time her pregnancy for summer and she lost those babies. It was heart-breaking and horrible and we’re all so thrilled things have worked out this time. We’re thinking it’s time to address the maternity policy for the district.
The thing is the sick leave pool is a relatively new thing anyway. It came about after a new teacher was diagnosed with advanced stage breast cancer. She missed work trying to stay alive and then had no paycheck plus owed the district money. When she write the board about the policy, their original response was no. When she showed up with her battle scars, the press was there too. The board didn’t even have to discuss the change.  The vote was unanimous and the sick leave pool was established. Now those of us with several days can donate up to three for those who don’t have enough to cover their checks.

Intrigue Authors

If you write romantic suspense check out the Intrigue authors blog. It’s their holiday blog blitz and they’re taking questions and giving away prizes! Authors and editors will be there. I’ve already gotten some great answers!

Motherhood, technology and I don’t know how I’m going to do this!

DD went to the out-of-town game with her best friend yesterday.  They had a GPS system, so I wasn’t too worried. Until after the game. From 10:30-12:30 I worried. At 1:30 things got worse. That’s when DD called from a town WAY out of the way to say they were stopped at a gas station to get energy drinks because they were so tired and there were a million deer on the road so they were having to drive slower than normal.
The GPS sent them on the small town, two-lane road trip instead of the highway.
They got home at 3:30 a.m. and the energy drinks must’ve worked because they were laughing hysterically.
In less than a year dd’s going to be in college, probably away from here, and she’s NOT going to call just to check in. I don’t know how I’m going to handle that!

One good thing: around 3 I realized what was driving me crazy about the new wip revisions. The heroine is  wimp. Her “voice” doesn’t match her actions. So it’s back to the beginning again. WHY does it take so long to see these things?!?

April posted this on her blog and it blew me way. Happy December.