A Spirit of Christmas

I don’t usually read a lot of the category holiday books, but this Christmas I have and every one I’ve read has been fantastic. Margot Early’s A Spirit of Christmas might just be her best book to date. It’s Dickens’ A Christmas Carol told in Harlequin Everlasting format with the heroine as Scrooge and a story that brought tears to my eyes more than once.

Early is probably the only author who can make me care about a heartless former brothel owner whose only care is money. Early doesn’t pull punches with her Scrooge. If you want proof that your characters can do anything with the proper motivation, read this book. With every horrible selfish act Keti Whitechapel committed, I found my heart breaking more for her and that heartbreak turned her happy ending into something even more special than Early always delivers.

I finished The Golden Compass and I’m still not seeing what caused the controversy. Maybe it’s because I’m not Catholic. I loved the book and will definitely read the rest of the trilogy. Hopefully though I don’t have more dreams about my family becoming warrior bears. Ugh.

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