Daily Archives: December 17, 2007

DD and movies

So today as I was cleaning the kitchen listening to ABBA on my new iPod Touch (coolest invention known to man) I realized I haven’t watched Muriel’s Wedding or Room With a View or Zeffirelli’s Romeo and Juliet or The Breakfast Club with DD and she’ll be leaving in a few months AND she spends every waking moment with her boyfriend or at work or with her best friend (who left today for Switzerland), so I have no idea when we’re going to sit down and watch those movies together, but by GOD we will because no girl should go out into the world without watching those movies with her mom.
At least that’s what I’ve always thought.
I made her sit and watch Top Gun with me a couple years ago. She watched it and said yep, she finally understood what I meant by Tom Cruise used to be hot. All she thinks about when she hears Tom Cruise is the whole Oprah incident, and that’s not a pretty picture. She was pretty ticked with me when Goose died. She threw Kleenexes across the room and called me a horrible mom. BUT she kept watching, so, yeah, I know that REALLY meant that was a sucky thing for the writers to do.

Now I’ve got to go through my Netflix que filling it with awesome movies she probably hasn’t seen but needs to see before heading out into the big bad world. ACK. I think I’ll add Chocolat. I have no idea what other movies I need to add.