Christmas shopping

I HATE shopping.
Malls=the 7th level of hell.
I love Christmas shopping. I don’t know why. Maybe it’s the whole buying for others thing, the searching for THE PERFECT GIFT, the decision time. I don’t know, but for whatever reason I love it.
Today I bought my sister’s family presents. There’s two little and two mid grade kids, so that was fun. The oldest LOVES to read, especially magical, mystical stuff and hates all things girlie. So I bought her Faerieopolis. VERY cool book dd and I slobbered over when we bought. It’s girlie but in a cool way. And I bought her Wicked Lovely. I want that book so bad, and I know she’ll love it.
The younger middle grade girl is a princess. She loves all things girlie. So she’s getting makeup, including the lip gloss I desperately wanted as a kid AND Love’s Baby Soft spray. One little is getting a princess dress up set and the other is getting a fire engine. My sister’s getting Rachel Ray cookbooks. Rachel Ray is my life saver. I’m the worst cook I know, but if RR can do it, I can too. Years ago I bought my sister a quick and easy cookbook, and she’s talked about it ever since. I hope she loves this just as much.
I haven’t sent my Christmas cards or my brother’s stuff, so I have a ton to do tomorrow.
DH is getting a digital camera and Doyle Brunson’s poker system books. DD’s getting an iPod (hers broke last summer), lots of makeup and MAYBE a straightener, but GOD, they’re expensive. I need to get her her own hair stuff since  she’s leaving. Right now we share. 🙂

Off to a Christmas party. Have an awesome day.

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