Daily Archives: November 9, 2007

Black & Gold

In less than two hours I’ll be sitting on the 30-yard line of a packed stadium watching the Raiders hopefully win the biggest football game of the year. I’ll post more about that when I get home. For now, here’s one of my best friends doing the Soulja Boy dance along with several students and a few other teachers. 🙂

We left the game when we were winning 56-6. Those games are fun for the first few scores and after that, BORING. Six of us had to sit in the space for five because our side of the stadium was so packed. And we got there an HOUR early.
Wondering: Do all cheerleaders wear the super short skirts right now? I didn’t realize them until today when they were doing amazing tumbling passes and their skirts rode up to show their bloomers. From the gym floor it probably doesn’t look horrible. From the stands, as the kid standing next to me said, “YIKES!” Tonight they had their leggings on under the skirts, problem solved.