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Rider/Old High

Tonight is Rider/Old High. Not the game. The night before the game. Both schools have HUGE pep rallies, ours has fireworks, theirs has a bonfire. Kids all over town stay up all night at each others houses having HUGE slumber parties. If they all had good, clean fun life would be good. Unfortunately, they’re out egging houses, paintballing cars and all sorts of other vandalism that costs the city TONS of money. I hope the kids take care of business this year without being jerks.
On the bright side, DD’s out taking amazing photos (fingers crossed!), and since she’s out, I’m writing. AND Grey’s is on.

Check out dear author today. Talk about a GREAT shout out for an unpubbed author!

If you read this blog on a regular basis: The COW incident was not committed by a Rider student. Woo Hoo! The arrest of a non-WFISD student made things much better at my school as the week closed.

What I’m working on:
Second Chance Hero

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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket