My phone…

My cell DIED today. DD spilled something and we thought it only spilled on the floor of the BUS I drove to San Antonio. Wrong. It spilled everywhere, including on my phone. So I’m stuck in SA without a cell with seven students who will be on the Riverwalk tomorrow night while I’m judging contests. ACK! You know, I used to come down here without a cell with students all the time, and it never bothered me. I’ve been conditioned.

Speaking of conditioned, I have Specials! I can’t wait to read it, but I have to because my revisions are killing me.
I almost bought Wicked Lovely today, but I balked at the hard cover price. I think I’ll wait until it’s out in paper even though everyone I know who’s read it LOVES it. I have a huge e-Harlequin order on the way, plus Specials and Pride and Prejudice (I’ve NEVER read it!), not to mention revisions to finish, so I can definitely wait.

Back to the BUS I had to drive. Our district did away with 15-passenger vans and bought a small bus for us to take on trips. It’s wide, I figure close to the width of a Mini Winne, and you have to use the mirrors to drive because you can’t see behind or beside you any other way. I was fine until we got to the busy traffic. I pretended to be fine then, but I was shaking the whole time. I don’t know if I can do this again next year. I might have to pay for a bus driver and a driver’s room. I don’t want to. We don’t get a yearbook budget, so this is paid for 100% by the kids. It would suck if they had to pay for a driver, too, but this about scared me to death.

DD’S book recommendation, A Great and Terrible Beauty. She saw it today and told me it’s one of her all-time favorites.
A student recommendation: The Golden Compass.

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