I love descriptive leads. Love them. My kids turn them in and I’m sooooo happy.
Except when they overwrite. What I’ve finally figured out is they only overwrite when they’re making the info. up. If the description’s in the source’s point of view, from interviews they conducted, they write true description. When they make things up based on what they think they know, they end up with that lovely purple prose I hate. 🙂

I realized today I had a dead body in chapter four that was there for effect because the story was slow.
After talking to one of my old CPs I realized the real problem was the chapter has no conflict. Ugh.
It’s there in the story, but it’s not in that chapter at all. In fact, other than the fact that the bad guys are after them and everyone might die, the hero and heroine are getting along just fine. There’s scattered conflict, but it’s all superficial. Glad I figured it out now.

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