Moulin Rouge

I LOVE the intensity of the Moulin Rouge soundtrack. Every time I listen to Roxanne, I get chills. It starts rough around the edges and then Ewan McGregor breaks in with the ballad and by the time it’s done I want to replay the whole thing and relive the experience.

That’s the feeling I want to capture with my books. The mix of plot and character and word choice that leaves the reader wanting more.
Deborah Smith’s books do that for me. Every time I read a Smith book I’m blown away. I want to read the words aloud just to feel them. A few years ago RaeAnne Thayne had an IM that did it. The book was about a rape survivor, and I loved that Thayne made her real without turning her into a victim.

The last couple weeks the kids have been blasting the Across the Universe soundtrack in the newsroom. The movie isn’t playing here, so several have them have made the trip to DFW. I REALLY want to see it. The 1-minute song Girl on the AU soundtrack has the same feel I’m talking about. I love it.

Still working on revisions. I finished yesterday, but it’s not quite there yet. Tis might be the first time I’ve truly been patient with my writing. I hope it pays off!

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