School Vans

For years I’ve driven students around in 15-passenger vans. This year that all changed. Honestly, I see
that this is a good thing. Those vans racked all over the place when they were full.
I’m not entirely excited about the solution. The weekend of Oct. 26-29 I’ll be the one driving the WFISD small BUS with seven students inside all the way to San Antonio.
I’ve always considered myself a good driver, but a bus?!? ACK!

I’m scrapping everything I wrote last night. WHY is the climax of the suspense plot always the hardest for me to write? The romance end actually comes after the suspense end with this book, but I LOVE the romance end. It needs some light editing. That’s all. The suspense…ugh! Originally it was far too complex. I reworked the plot, changed the villain’s motivation and until now it’s been great. Now, UGH. It’s this super intense scene, but what I’ve written doesn’t feel intense at all. It feels like I’m standing on a cliff looking down seeing everything happen from a distance. Obviously that won’t work. But finding what will work is going to drive me crazy. 🙂

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