…Am I reading one of my all time favorite authors and getting bugged out of my freaking mind by the INSANE comma problems?!?
I guess they’re breaking in a new copy editor for NYT best selling authors.
For years I’ve watched the comma pretty much disappear from genre fiction unless it’s between two independent clauses joined by a conjunction or for clarity. And I’ve been cool with that.
But when that little blob of black ink is plopped down where it serves no purpose and completely breaks the rules…UGH. It’s driving me, crazy. It’s, ridiculous. I, totally, hate when my reading pleasure, is disrupted by bad copy editing, and surprised, too. I can understand, one, or even a handful, of problems. But, when we’re going on ten, from two pages, that’s crossing the line.

Whoa. New book coming soon. Only problem, the hero in this reminds me way too much of Chris Moneymaker. But whoa, the book sounds incredible.

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