Rosemary Clement-Moore’s Prom Dates from Hell is a must-have book for teen book shelves. I love most YA I read these days and this book was no exception.
Heroine Maggie Quinn is smart and funny and the story kept me intrigued.
I knew I was going to like the book when I discovered Maggie writes for her high school paper and takes photos for the yearbook. 🙂 Definitely a book I’ll put on the newsroom bookshelf. (The trade paper is getting a whole new look that will fit the feel of the book much better!)

Sarah Dessen’s Dreamland was a little too melodramatic for me. It reminded me of the teen books I read when I was a kid that went a little like this: girl makes mistake, girl gets caught in drug world, girl’s entire life falls apart. The writing was great though and so was the characterization. I’m a three chapter girl. A writers has three chapters to get me before I put the book down for something new. I finished this book.

Dessen’s That Summer is FABULOUS! Very real.

Up next: The Memory Keeper’s Daughter. I’ve heard a lot about the book and I’m looking forward to it.

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