Monthly Archives: August 2007

Summer Writing

Summer’s almost over, but the 70 Days of Sweat Challenge has really helped me!
Last week I wrote 39.5 pages in spite of vacation. This week I already have 22!!! And I really like these pages. I’ll probably have to tone them down a bit for SRS, but that’s okay. I’m past the half-way point and I like the direction the story is going in!

Las Vegas

i spent the first three dys we were on vacation losing money. Fortunately I won some at Harrah’s the day before we left. We stayed at Mandalay Bay so I played more, gambled less. Fun for me. I’m not real sure what DH thought about that.
I wrote 5 pages the day we left and 7.5 pages the day we came back.  Woo Hoo!
We rushed home because I had inservice yesterday. The last three hours: Total Waste of Time.
It was supposed to be a great session on implementing a new program we’re starting. Instead it was an all day session on why the program worked. We know it works, we’re excited, we’re ready to get it going. It was a little like going to a writer’s conference that promises plot help and writing motivation and getting how to submit to Harlequin/Silhouette. Very basic and information easily accessible elsewhere. I HATE wasting time. The good thing was I got to spend time with my principals. That was fun!