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Dh is addicted to the financial news networks, so for the past couple days I’ve had front row seats to the mess taking place in the markets.
It’s interesting to watch the different spins. Politicians say whatever will get them more votes, broadcasters say whatever will get them more viewers, banks say help.
I’m not a financial expert, but I don’t think it took a psychic genius to see they were going to run into trouble.
Six years ago I was looking at a potential house purchase. One bank said I could have “anything I wanted.”
I was shocked. Anything?
So I asked. My favorite houses in town are close to a quarter million. I LOVE them. Lots of brick, stone and wood. No way can I afford those houses. But the banker said if that’s what I wanted, no problem. Several friends bought big houses they can’t afford. And judging by the news, it looks like the banks handed out mortgages like they were penny candy. It’s kind of like the pre-approved credit cards ALL my students get applications for when they turn 18. Shoot dd’s already getting that junk in the mail. WORSE her on-line alias from Yahooligans days is getting that junk in the mail.

On the news they keep saying something about bail-outs.  About how banks need help.
That might be true. But they also need to change the way they do business.

Summer Blahs

School starts soon and suddenly I have a major case of the blahs. 😦
I’m ready to see my kids every day and to get both publications up and running, but…I don’t know. I tell dd when she feels like this it’s all a choice. I think that’s true. Tomorrow I’m going to choose to have an awesome day.
The next day is my local RWA chapter meeting, so I know it will be great.

My personal goals this school year:
Write at least 1 hour every week night.
Go to the Y five times a week.
Stop gossiping! It just makes me feel bad.
Leave the newsroom by six every night no matter what.


is evil.
very, very evil.
No more for me. I don’t need another time suck in my life.

I want it!

It’s too cool. I want it now, but I need to wait. I don’t want to wait. 😦

I’m home from camp 2 and I survived. DD took my back to school shopping while we were in the Metroplex. I survived that too. Barely.


I just learned about RSS feeds. WOW. It makes blog hopping way easier. 🙂
AND I now get Salon, The Onion and Top News delivered straight to my My Yahoo! Page. Woo Hoo.
I taught a writing workshop today to a group of students who don’t really have stories in the yearbooks. I LOVE yearbook writing, but I understand why so many schools just publish photos and captions. It’s way easier and kids don’t read boring old quote, transition, quote stories.
But you know what they do read? The stories I heard today.
A kid who lives one year in Indonesia and then comes come the next year and has done so his entire life. He spent this summer working with AIDS patients in Indonesia.
A girl who woke up from a nap freshman year and was paralyzed from the neck down. She’s a senior now and she’s one of the most positive kids in the class.
The cafeteria worker whose husband has been in Iraq the last year.
The girl whose been at the same school since she was THREE years old. She’s 18. This is it for her and she’s scared to death about what comes next, but she’s also excited.
PEOPLE are interesting. And those stories can’t be told in photos alone.


So today I’m sitting in the hotel lobby waiting to see if any of the schools at camp need help with theme development when this lady runs in a calmly says
“Call 9-1-1. My car’s been stolen and another woman had her purse stolen.”
Some guy carjacked her in the hotel parking lot!

What’s missing in my book right now:
The building tension. You know, that can’t put the book down feeling that ends with you holding the book against your chest and saying I LOVE THIS STORY. It’s what I felt when I re-read my old Julie Garwoods. It’s why I’ve bought SEVEN copies of  SEP’s Heaven, Texas.
Best thing about that? I can put it in now. I have the general story down. I know the people and like them. The plot points makes sense. The basic romance has a beginning, middle and end. I’m going to love every minute of these revisions!

High School Reunion

The reunion tonight was a fascinating people watching experience.  I didn’t remember this, but I went to school with a bunch of interesting people. Definite book material. It was nothing like I expected. It was fun, and I’ll admit it, I’m a little surprised. 🙂

I wrote three more pages tonight and I’m calling this draft done. It doesn’t feel as great as it usually does when I reach then end because I know there’s SO MUCH WORK to be done before it’s ready to send in.
That’s okay. Work I can handle. 🙂 Having something to work with is nice. The fact that I wrote the entire draft in a month of part time writing is HUGE. It shows me I can do this then I make the writing a priority. My busy school schedule won’t shut me down unless I let it.

I think I’m having THE END blahs again. WHY do I have “the end” blahs?!? I swear this is another symptom of writer bi-polar disease. I should be THRILLED. What’s wrong with me?!?

On a bright note, I won one of the prizes from 70 Days of Sweat courtesy of Alison Kent and Victoria Blisse. I have three new e-books to read. 🙂

On another bright note, I finished Under the Rose, the second in Diana Peterfreund’s SSG series. AWESOME book. I picked it up at the Vegas airport. They have a great Borders there.

I finished the draft just in time. I’ll be teaching yearbook camp all this week except Wednesday. I love teaching YB camps!

MORE writing

Eleven pages tonight and 8 more scenes until the draft is done.
When I close in on the end I always do a pretty complete scene by scene outline just to make sure I tie everything up AND to make sure I don’t forget!
This draft is definitely rough. But it’s not bad. It needs some plot work early on and a TON of characterization work. The basics are there though, and I think they’re pretty solid.

Do you start working on revisions right away or do you give the story some time?
I’m going to try something new (imagine that!).
As soon as I’m done I’m going to do a left brain story board without any revision at all. Then I’ll do some plot work. THEN do some revision. I’m NOT going to send this book off right away. Instead I’m going to let it sit awhile and revisit it cold. There’s no big rush. I have one other proposal ready to go when I hear back on the one in NYC now and one close to ready. SRS editors are going to get sick of me. 🙂

Shelley Bradley’s storyboard class starts Monday. You can find out more at We’re almost full though, so if you want in, HURRY!

My 20th class reunion is tomorrow. I’m feeling a little ancient.  Funny thing: I missed my 10-year for a Rush concert in Dallas. Guess who’s in Dallas tomorrow? I was tempted to skip the reunion and go see Rush again.

Shopping = Hell

You’d think after 38 years I’d have this shopping thing down. I mean by now I SHOULD have a personal style. I should know what looks good. I should know the conversion for 44% off, and shoot, the words 44% off should send an adrenaline rush to the shopping goddess who resides inside every woman I know.
But no.
Somewhere, somehow, I missed the shopping goddess.
I hear the word sale and shudder. The idea of back to school shopping leaves me feeling a little sick.
I always thought my problem with shopping was the I’m too broke to buy toothpaste thing, but I’ve been able to purchase three tubes of Colgate plus floss and mouthwash at one time for a few years, and I still have the shopping aversion bug.
I wonder if a super shopper can be cultivated. If she can be taught like on What Not to Wear. OR do those WNTW people go home and revert to their non-shopper selves?

Writing: None yet today, but I’ll be doing just write again tonight by 10:30 if anyone wants to join in.

I love Just Write

Since I started 70 Days of Sweat, I’ve been doing “just write” time ALMOST every night. I start at 10:30 and write for either one or two hours. Sometimes more if I’m really in the grove.
My hope is that by writing at this time, I won’t shut down when school starts. The whole writing even when the muse isn’t there, even on vacation, even when I feel like crap thing is helping too.
Just Write is working. I wrote another 15 pages tonight for a total of 37.5 this week. Woo Hoo!
I sign on to Yahoo Messenger for Just Write at 10:30 pm. If anyone wants to join me, feel free. My YM is ymbl2000.

Woo Hoo.

If you like great music check out the lyrics to the new Rush album Snakes & Arrows. WOW. I LOVE Rush and this is their best work in years.