So today I’m sitting in the hotel lobby waiting to see if any of the schools at camp need help with theme development when this lady runs in a calmly says
“Call 9-1-1. My car’s been stolen and another woman had her purse stolen.”
Some guy carjacked her in the hotel parking lot!

What’s missing in my book right now:
The building tension. You know, that can’t put the book down feeling that ends with you holding the book against your chest and saying I LOVE THIS STORY. It’s what I felt when I re-read my old Julie Garwoods. It’s why I’ve bought SEVEN copies of  SEP’s Heaven, Texas.
Best thing about that? I can put it in now. I have the general story down. I know the people and like them. The plot points makes sense. The basic romance has a beginning, middle and end. I’m going to love every minute of these revisions!

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