Daily Archives: August 5, 2007


So today I’m sitting in the hotel lobby waiting to see if any of the schools at camp need help with theme development when this lady runs in a calmly says
“Call 9-1-1. My car’s been stolen and another woman had her purse stolen.”
Some guy carjacked her in the hotel parking lot!

What’s missing in my book right now:
The building tension. You know, that can’t put the book down feeling that ends with you holding the book against your chest and saying I LOVE THIS STORY. It’s what I felt when I re-read my old Julie Garwoods. It’s why I’ve bought SEVEN copies of  SEP’s Heaven, Texas.
Best thing about that? I can put it in now. I have the general story down. I know the people and like them. The plot points makes sense. The basic romance has a beginning, middle and end. I’m going to love every minute of these revisions!

High School Reunion

The reunion tonight was a fascinating people watching experience.  I didn’t remember this, but I went to school with a bunch of interesting people. Definite book material. It was nothing like I expected. It was fun, and I’ll admit it, I’m a little surprised. 🙂

I wrote three more pages tonight and I’m calling this draft done. It doesn’t feel as great as it usually does when I reach then end because I know there’s SO MUCH WORK to be done before it’s ready to send in.
That’s okay. Work I can handle. 🙂 Having something to work with is nice. The fact that I wrote the entire draft in a month of part time writing is HUGE. It shows me I can do this then I make the writing a priority. My busy school schedule won’t shut me down unless I let it.

I think I’m having THE END blahs again. WHY do I have “the end” blahs?!? I swear this is another symptom of writer bi-polar disease. I should be THRILLED. What’s wrong with me?!?

On a bright note, I won one of the prizes from 70 Days of Sweat courtesy of Alison Kent and Victoria Blisse. I have three new e-books to read. 🙂

On another bright note, I finished Under the Rose, the second in Diana Peterfreund’s SSG series. AWESOME book. I picked it up at the Vegas airport. They have a great Borders there.

I finished the draft just in time. I’ll be teaching yearbook camp all this week except Wednesday. I love teaching YB camps!