Daily Archives: August 4, 2007

MORE writing

Eleven pages tonight and 8 more scenes until the draft is done.
When I close in on the end I always do a pretty complete scene by scene outline just to make sure I tie everything up AND to make sure I don’t forget!
This draft is definitely rough. But it’s not bad. It needs some plot work early on and a TON of characterization work. The basics are there though, and I think they’re pretty solid.

Do you start working on revisions right away or do you give the story some time?
I’m going to try something new (imagine that!).
As soon as I’m done I’m going to do a left brain story board without any revision at all. Then I’ll do some plot work. THEN do some revision. I’m NOT going to send this book off right away. Instead I’m going to let it sit awhile and revisit it cold. There’s no big rush. I have one other proposal ready to go when I hear back on the one in NYC now and one close to ready. SRS editors are going to get sick of me. 🙂

Shelley Bradley’s storyboard class starts Monday. You can find out more at redriverromancewriters.com. We’re almost full though, so if you want in, HURRY!

My 20th class reunion is tomorrow. I’m feeling a little ancient.  Funny thing: I missed my 10-year for a Rush concert in Dallas. Guess who’s in Dallas tomorrow? I was tempted to skip the reunion and go see Rush again.