I love Just Write

Since I started 70 Days of Sweat, I’ve been doing “just write” time ALMOST every night. I start at 10:30 and write for either one or two hours. Sometimes more if I’m really in the grove.
My hope is that by writing at this time, I won’t shut down when school starts. The whole writing even when the muse isn’t there, even on vacation, even when I feel like crap thing is helping too.
Just Write is working. I wrote another 15 pages tonight for a total of 37.5 this week. Woo Hoo!
I sign on to Yahoo Messenger for Just Write at 10:30 pm. If anyone wants to join me, feel free. My YM is ymbl2000.

Woo Hoo.

If you like great music check out the lyrics to the new Rush album Snakes & Arrows. WOW. I LOVE Rush and this is their best work in years.

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