Daily Archives: August 3, 2007

Shopping = Hell

You’d think after 38 years I’d have this shopping thing down. I mean by now I SHOULD have a personal style. I should know what looks good. I should know the conversion for 44% off, and shoot, the words 44% off should send an adrenaline rush to the shopping goddess who resides inside every woman I know.
But no.
Somewhere, somehow, I missed the shopping goddess.
I hear the word sale and shudder. The idea of back to school shopping leaves me feeling a little sick.
I always thought my problem with shopping was the I’m too broke to buy toothpaste thing, but I’ve been able to purchase three tubes of Colgate plus floss and mouthwash at one time for a few years, and I still have the shopping aversion bug.
I wonder if a super shopper can be cultivated. If she can be taught like on What Not to Wear. OR do those WNTW people go home and revert to their non-shopper selves?

Writing: None yet today, but I’ll be doing just write again tonight by 10:30 if anyone wants to join in.

I love Just Write

Since I started 70 Days of Sweat, I’ve been doing “just write” time ALMOST every night. I start at 10:30 and write for either one or two hours. Sometimes more if I’m really in the grove.
My hope is that by writing at this time, I won’t shut down when school starts. The whole writing even when the muse isn’t there, even on vacation, even when I feel like crap thing is helping too.
Just Write is working. I wrote another 15 pages tonight for a total of 37.5 this week. Woo Hoo!
I sign on to Yahoo Messenger for Just Write at 10:30 pm. If anyone wants to join me, feel free. My YM is ymbl2000.

Woo Hoo.

If you like great music check out the lyrics to the new Rush album Snakes & Arrows. WOW. I LOVE Rush and this is their best work in years.