Conflict part 5,257

UGH. I finished by shell synopsis for the new book tonight or rather at 1:36 this morning and my hero has NO CONFLICT. He has a back story and it’s great, but not really a part of this novel. My heroine is FILLED with conflict. I mean EVERY SINGLE scene is conflict crazy. The external intensifies the internal. It’s great. I’ve never, ever, ever had that happen before without MAJOR revision. (YES, writing every day does work!)
The hero is just tagging along for the ride. All of his conflict is superficial external stuff that works itself out as the story goes along. He’s torn at times in actions that lead to possible betrayal of the heroine and then ultimately those actions lead to her being in extreme danger at the end, but that’s all plot stuff.
I’ve got the G and the M so I should have the C, right?
My hero and heroine don’t play nice-nice. There’s lots of push pull between them in dialogue , the actions and the  sexual tension.  So how come there’s no conflict?
Or maybe there is conflict and I’m just missing it.
Or maybe I’ve spent the last ten years learning about the craft of writing and NOTHING HAS SUNK IN except bichok and writing emotional love scenes.
How can I feel so good about my writing the last month (thank you writing challenge!) and yet, look at my synopsis and think, wtf?! where’s the hero’s conflict?

Photos aren’t working on livejournal tonight, so pretend Sven’s here:
5.5 pages tonight plus the full unedited synopsis of my writing challenge book currently titled Out of the Darkness.

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