It’s Getting Hot in Here

10 kick butt pages tonight. It’s starting to grab me. It took long enough to get to this place. It’s usually a little faster. And I usually let the story take its time. I wait for the muse or at least for the energy and excitement that joins together to create story.
Not this time.
And you know what? It’s better this way because I’m not letting myself say “I can’t right now.” And by doing this now, the school year won’t stop me either.
I’m a writer. I write. I write stories that end in happily ever after and make me believe in the power of love. And one day I’m going to sell those stories to an editor who’s going to read them and say, DANG, this girl can write, where the heck has she been?!
And when that happens, my darling husband will never again say “you’re spending too much time at the computer, babe.”
He doesn’t get it yet. He used to. But I let him forget the dream when I let myself forget it.
It’s time to recapture it for both of us.
I sure hope I’m in San Francisco next summer. 🙂

And because I liked what I posted to my writer’s group, here it is:
No, it’s not a contract. 🙂 Or even a request.
I wrote ten pages tonight and this makes over a week of writing every day.
Tonight FINALLY I wasn’t fighting for the pages. I loved tonight’s pages. They clicked. But you know what? The 42 I wrote last week that were fought for? They’re written. And even if they suck, they’re  there. Adding to the plot and the characterization and the story…and most of all building to these ten kick butt pages that sizzle off the page they’re so strong. Now, will those ten pages sell a book? Heck no. But they have added to my creative energy, my spirit, my willingness to sit at my computer every night and give voice to the story in my head even when it’s hard, even when I have company, even when I’m so tired I can’t see straight. And that’s what it takes. It’s a commitment between the writer and the art she’s chosen to practice.
I hope you’re writing too!

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