Daily Archives: June 25, 2007


I’m back in the game. A new 50 pg. proposal is winging its way to NYC and SRS  today. It wasn’t easy.
It’s not a new, new story. It’s a completely revised rejected story. By completely revised I mean, HELLO MBL, what the heck were you thinking back when you originally sent that baby in? When I finished it, I actually did wait a week, go back through, edit and then send in. A week’s not long enough for me because the plot holes in that sucker were killer and the romance was pretty hum drum. But when Allison Lyons rejected it she gave me some great comments. She said the heroine would aggravate readers because she so quickly forgave the hero and that the plot outweighed the romance. She didn’t ask me to revise and resubmit and she didn’t ask for more of my work, so I put the book aside for six months. When I looked at it again, everything she pointed out glared at me PLUS I found all the plot holes. So I started working on it. Now it’s a sexy romance with tons of sexual tension and it reads more like an SRS than an Intrigue. The wait begins. 🙂
A lot of my friends say don’t work backwards. To write something new and then new and then new. And I’ve done that for ten years. Thing is I’ve developed a strong writing voice, but I’m still making mistakes. I hope that this revision process will help me there. NOW I’m moving to something new and taking what I’ve learned with me.