Daily Archives: June 15, 2007

New Pages

Listening to the Persistence RWA session from last year’s National, I heard something I’ve never heard before. One of the speakers talked about Catherine Coulter’s philosophy on writing. She said only new pages count toward daily writing progress. Yes, revisions are important, and editing and marketing and all the other stuff that goes into being a writer, but in production, only new pages count.
When I brought that up with other writers, they agreed.
I’ve been writing for almost a decade and this was the first time I’d heard that bit of advice. Sometimes I think I need the modified version of how to write. ūüôā

Tonight DH and I were minding our own business sitting at a red light when a lady ran into the back of my car. GRRRRR. Now, two hours later my neck hurts. Grrrrrr. I’m going to try some pilates and hopefully I’ll be fine in the morning.

Only new pages count. MAN, I’ve gone a long time without real writing if that’s the case!!!